10 Reasons You’re Missing Your Period (That Have Nothing To Do With Being Pregnant)

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There’s nothing more stressful than missing a period. Not having to deal with cramps, headaches, and other annoying symptoms is definitely a win. But the stress of wondering why your period isn’t starting? Yeah…that’s horrible. But according to science, a missed (or really late) period doesn’t mean your pregnant — it could mean one of these 10 things instead:

You’re Getting Over A Serious Cold

Having a few sneezes or an allergic reaction to something isn’t the kind of “serious cold” we’re talking about. If you just had the flu or another serious illness, that might be the reason you’re not getting your period. Illnesses mess with everything, including your period. When you’re sick, your hormones are interrupted which can cause a missed or late period.

You Started, Changed, Or Stopped Birth Control

Birth control messes with your hormones. Anytime your hormones are being messed with, it’s going to most likely cause a change in your menstrual cycle. Did you recently start a new birth control? Some types of birth controls, like IUD’s or low-dose birth control pills, can cause your period to become lighter or disappear altogether.

You’re Living With Roommates

This might sound weird but it happens. Moving in with one female roommate, or multiple female roommates can cause you to miss your period in order to sync up with your roommate’s cycles. Weird, isn’t it? Some people don’t agree on this one but just think about it for a second. Odds are, you’ve started your period around the same time as one of your closest friends, haven’t you? The human body is crazy like that!

You’re Taking Supplements

Supplements should be taken with caution. Although they’re natural and seemingly beneficial, nothing is 100% perfect for everyone. Certain herbs that are found in some supplements can cause a change in a woman’s menstrual cycle. They could mess with hormones, infertility, and so on. We’re not saying your supplements are causing you to miss your period, but if you’re consuming a lot of herb-infused pills, you might want to stop and see if your menstrual cycle gets back on track.

You Have A Serious Medical Condition

Don’t freak out, but sometimes missing a period can be a symptom of something serious. Whether it’s a digestive disorder, a thyroid problem or another medical condition, you’re going to want to see a doctor. Missing one period isn’t something to freak out over, but missing several is a sign that something probably isn’t right internally. See a doctor ASAP.

You Work Out A Lot

How much do you exercise? If it’s every day, you might be low key addicted to working out. Which might not be a bad thing (unless you’re experiencing some negative symptoms). But it might be a reason for your missed period. Losing a great deal of weight quickly and having a low BMI can cause your period to lessen, disappear, or become sporadic. Not working out as frequently or gaining a few pounds will hopefully help with that.

You’ve Gained Weight

Low body weight isn’t the only thing that might cause a missed period, gaining a great deal of weight can do the same thing. There’s a direct correlation between obesity and missed periods because of hormones. When you’re heavier, you produce more estrogen and you typically have a thicker uterine lining which causes heavier and less frequents periods. A lifestyle change would be beneficial!

You Have A Horrible Diet

Even with a normal weight, if your diet is horrible that could cause you to miss your period. If you skip breakfast, eat Mcdonalds for lunch, and then eat popcorn, chicken, and wine for dinner you’re going to have some problems. Looking “healthy” doesn’t always mean you are healthy.

You’re Really Stressed

Yup, being super stressed can stop your period in its tracks. Weird, isn’t it? It’s a condition called secondary amenorrhea and it happens when your stress level rises and your menstrual cycle stops. While missing one or two periods due to stress might not be horrible, you definitely want to better manage whatever is causing your stress. Missing a period for a while isn’t a good thing!

It Could Honestly Be Anything

The human body is incredibly complicated and anything can trigger anything. You probably have friends who say they get a period once or twice a year. And then, on the other side, you probably have friends who get their period at the same date every single month. Try not to compare your menstrual cycle to other women because they’re all different. When we’re little, we’re taught everyone gets a period once a month but it’s not always as simple as that.

Keep in mind, missing several periods isn’t something you should ignore. If you’re not pregnant, it could mean something serious is going on. Having regular appointments with your doctor will help you get ahead of any problems so schedule those appointments!