20+ Fashion Trends That Are Way Too Awkward

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Fashion industry comes up with new trends each day and we love them . However, there are times when the fashion industry shocks us with dramatic looks many a times.

1. Shorts over jacket

Were they inspired by superman?

2. Blue sweater medley

This is way too cozy.

3. Cleaning cloth dress

This is surely going to bring colors in your life.

4. The twin set

This is exactly for the soulmates, Now they can be cloth mates too.

5. The white swan

This is legendary and will be remembered always.

6. Hat or glasses

Dual purpose dress.

7. Literal overalls

This one will protect you from tan in the best way possible.

8. Bread dress

To the bread lovers, this might be the best dress possible.

9. Mummy dearest

Well, wearing this may get you a role in a horror movie.

10. Breakfast patterns

This is the best dress to wear on a breakfast date.

11. Trousers to impress

This is really impressive. I just don’t know what inspired them.

12. The paper cut

Exclusively for paper lovers

13. Cocky color ball

This can hide all the extra fat from your body by making you look like a ball.

14. Shower cap overdone

This look like some alien dress.

15. Zip man

The new superhero in town.

16. Rainbow mushroom

This is a new variety of mushroom i guess, and it looks quite attractive.

17. Superspy

I don’t get it, how is it possibly a fashion trend.

18. Rustic glam look

If you’re looking for a unique wedding dress, you need to see this.

19. Bubble wrap

Well, this is different.

20. Fluffy

If you love the splitz puppies, this is the kind of dress you would wish for.

21. Carry on

Well this is awkward.

22. Fashionable pinhead

I don’t get this, do you?

23. Baseball in style

When you wanna look fashionable in field.

24. Unforgettable ladies

This is amazing.

25. Rapunzel

Feel like a real princess.

26. Pink and puffy

Almost wearable and kind if pretty.

27. The shoe show

This will certainly gain a lot of attention from the critics.

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