10 Little Things You’ve Been Doing Wrong Your Whole Life

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We all have a belief that the actions which we perform in our day to day life are always correct and there is nothing wrong about it and we have been doing this for the entire life. There are numbers of things which we have been doing wrong that irritates us but we never knew that all are because of our own fault.

In order to make a small positive change in your life we would like to share some things that you have been doing wrong throughout out the life and after applying these things in your life I assure you that it will make your life a lot easier and comfortable.

Wearing headphones

The appropriate way of wearing headphones is to wear it around the ear before placing it in ears as shown in picture.


Eating a burger

In order to eat burgers properly hold it by using your thumb and little finger at the base of burger as shown in picture.

Using hairpins

The right way to use hairpins is to place the zigzag side inside your hair.


Holding a glass of wine

Hold the wine glass stand by using your palm is the correct way to hold a glass of wine as shown in picture.

Doing squats

The right way to do squats is to sit properly without moving your knee position as shown in picture.


Wearing a backpack

The right way to wear a backpack is to tight the strips of the bag so that it reaches to your shoulder and make you feel more comfortable.


Eating pizza

The right way to eat pizzas is to hold it tightly at some space from the corner as shown in picture.


Holding a pen

The correct method of holding a pen is shown in the above picture.

Folding trousers

Fold your trousers properly by following the picture shown here.


Sleeping Position

Applying band-aid

Learn the right way to apply band-aid by simply following the steps shown in the picture.


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