Tried and True Makeup Hacks You Never Seen Before

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1. Keep Eyebrows In Place. This one I discovered from considered one of my faves, Lucy Hale, the reigning queen of ideal eyebrows. After you fill for your eyebrows, help keep the hairs in region with the aid of spraying some hairspray on a spoolie or on an antique mascara brush that’s been washed off, and then brush via your brows.


2. Perfect Cupid’s bow. Sometimes it’s tricky to apply lipstick on your cupid’s bow, but you can make it ten instances less complicated get a really perfect cupid’s bow by using drawing on an X first factor.


3. Blot Away Excess Oil. I don’t recognize if any of you operate that cosmetic rice paper that they promote at makeup shops to do away with oil to your face, but did you realize there’re WAY inexpensive alternatives? You can genuinely use a smooth paper bathroom seat cover to blot away oil on your face!! I’d be lying if I told you I hadn’t used one before after I found out I had an oily forehead even as looking at the mirror in a restaurant toilet… But if the concept of toilet seat covers in your face freak you out, don’t fear there are different alternatives! Coffee filters also have the equal impact as rice paper! Keep a couple of those for your purse in case of emergency!


4. Liquify Your Clumpy Mascara. When you’re right down to the bottom of your mascara and it begins getting clumpy, soak it in a cup of heat/hot water to warmness it up and make it greater liquidy.

5. Hide Dark Eye Circles. So apparently there’s a right and an incorrect way to apply concealer below your eyes. It might make feel to place it on in a semi-circle sort of manner where the real eye bags is, but that is a no go. The proper way is to make a triangle underneath your eye as it blends down to your cheek and lifts your face by some means. Once I combined inside the concealer, me and Claire have been legitimately surprised at how significant the difference changed into. You can tell in the photograph that the circular concealer doesn’t hide.

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