4 Surprising Warning Signs Of Diabetes

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Diabetes is metabolic disease in which a person goes through inner health problems like high blood glucose because of insulin in body. Insulin is hormones which regulates the blood sugar and keep it balanced but when our body starts producing insufficient amount of insulin the blood sugar level get imbalanced which results in diabetes. Stress also affects the production of insulin in body. There are various signs that indicate towards high blood sugar but people generally ignore them because the signs are not that severe but people are unaware that those signs can turn into something incurable, if left untreated.

4 surprising diabetes symptoms

Your vision has slightly improved

sometimes there is immediate improvement in your vision but then the next day your vision become more blurred , if you notice any unusual change in your eyesight than immediately reach for doctor’s advice and check up because unusual change in eyesight either it is positive or negative can be a rare sign of diabetes.


Your skin is changing for the worse


If you see some velvety patches on any part of your body mostly neck, elbows or knuckles are signs of diabetes. High blood sugar level affects the growth of the skin cells and also prevents the regeneration and repairing of the cells which results in patches on the body parts.

Your hearing is changing

if you are becoming more sound sensitive or you have to say people to repeat themselves then there is a need  for you to go to doctor for your checkup because either change is the symptom of high blood sugar level. Any unusual change either it is positive or negative can be a symptom of the high blood sugar level


You are nonstop itchy

Blood circulation is mainly get affected due to diabetes which results in dryness and itchiness so if you feel itchy more often and without any reason then it’s time to reach for doctor’s advice and checkup.

These four reasons are mostly the ones that go unnoticed and are avoided by people. So if you want to stay healthy and avoid a long term and serious disease that one should adapt a healthy life style.

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