5 Daily Habits That Can Boost Your Metabolism To Burn Fat

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Metabolism and Weight Loss

Metabolism is defined as all the reactions that occur in our inside body. It is the process of converting the ingested food into energy. Metabolism is two way process, one is Anabolism which is the process in which the energy is created and stored. In this process the smaller molecules combined together to form bigger molecules, eventually building up to organs and tissues and the second part of metabolism is Catabolism, Catabolism provides the energy required for cellular activity by breaking down carbohydrates and fats to release the energy. The fast metabolism results in weight loss and also helps to lead a healthy lifestyle.


How to Calculate Your Metabolic Weight At Home


In order to lose weight and speed up the metabolism effectively it is necessary to have the knowledge of BMR (Basal Metabolic rate). BMR is defined as the amount of calories the body burns at rest while they are in an awaking state of mind.

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