5 Overnight Beauty Hacks That Will Make You Prettier While You Sleep

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We all know that our skin and body need proper care from time to time but it seems to be an impossible task as in this busy schedule we don’t get enough time to maintain our skin and healthy body. But at night when you have to do nothing but to get a beauty sleep you can regain your beautiful skin by few beauty hacks. Here’re few overnight beauty hacks which might be beneficial for you to take care of your skin and body.


1. Apply dry shampoo before bed


Dry shampoo is something which can be used at the place of liquid shampoo. If individual want to avoid frequent washing of hair he / she can use dry shampoo. Dry shampoo can deal with many problems like greasy scalp, oil hair and smell of sweat. It absorbs the excess secreted in head, hides the sweaty smell and provides fluffiness and bounce to the hair. We know that sometimes due to insufficient time it is impossible to wash hair then one can use dry shampoo before going to sleep and can retain bouncy and fluffy hair the next morning.


2. Try a nourishing hair mask

If you want smooth, silky and shiny hair every time after a hair wash then the best way is to go for overnight hair mask. For hair mask coconut hair can play it good, it may get messy in the starting days but with time you will retain a habit of it. Massage coconut oil before going to bed and wrap it up with shower cap or towel so that you don’t ruin your bed sheet and pillow


3. give your lips some TLC


In our hectic schedule we forget to take care of skin and lips which results in dry skin and lips caused by dehydration. Due to avoidance our lips become dry and chapped, so to re hydrate you lips and to regain healthy, soft and plumy and pink lips one can use lip balms overnight and treat the dryness and flaky lips.


4. sprinkle your sheet with powder

This is an outstanding method of treating sweaty smell and oily skin in hot summers. Sprinkling powder on your bed sheet before going to sleep can save you from morning smell from your body and prevent your body from looking oil and sweaty, as the powder hides sweaty smell and absorbs the oil secreted from your body.


5. go crazy with zit cream

Applying this cream at night could help you to get rid of zits of any type. Zit cream contains 10 % of benzoyl peroxide which prevent from occurring bacteria, removes dead skin cells which are the cause of zits. The zit creams are mostly affordable and works effectively on zits but before using cream which contains benzoyl peroxide, one should consult a doctor as zit creams sometimes makes the skin extremely dry.

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