5 Reasons You Should Never Wear Flip-Flops

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Every one love wearing flip flops as they are considered to be one of the most comfortable footwear comparative to others, But there are some facts that we didn’t know about flip flops like the chemicals they release and the foot problems we may face because of wearing flip flops more often here are those facts explained briefly and might help you in future.

Sandals made from rubber may leak chemicals

According to many surveys it has been concluded that the footwear which are made up of rubber may leak several chemicals that are not healthy for children. According to experts these flip flops may lead to cancer because of the various chemicals that are leaking from them.  Children love flip flops because of there vibrant colors but it will be beneficial for the small children to avoid flip flops as this will keep them away from serious health issues .

Flip flops lead to foot pain

Flip flops are considered to be the most comfortable foot wear as they have no heels and there can be wore by people anytime like in plains and in hilly areas too but we are unaware about the disadvantages of wearing flip flops.  There is a thick band of tissue that run along the bottom of the foot from the heel to the ball of your foot , wearing flip flops can affect theband  of tissues and there will be lack of  support .

Wearing flip flops equals more injuries

When you try to work in flip flops or travel in flip flops then it could be dangerous for your feet as the flip flop doesn’t cover most of the area of the feet which result as your feet become more prone to injuries. So think twice when you are wearing flip flops and going out in them as foot infection or injury can be seriously harmful.


Flip flops are not safe for driving

Wearing flip flops May while driving may seem relaxing for you but in reality it is one of the most dangerous things to do. When you wear flip flops while driving then there are more chances that your foot wear may get stuck in break pedals and the result can be very disturbing. So avoid flip flops while driving.

Flip flops are hell on heels

When your feet are exposed, for instance when you go out wearing flip flops then most part of your feet are exposed to the environment which can lead excess dirt and dryness in the feet. To avoid this situation do not forget to moisturize your feet before wearing any type of foot wear.

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