5 Secrets of Flawless Skin Used by the Beautiful Women of Asia

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Everyone wants flawless and baby like skin but in today’s time our hectic schedule never let us maintain clean and healthy skin. Women need home remedies that can help them in regaining their glowing skin back with in short interval of time. Here are some useful tips which are used by Asian beauties that provide naturally gorgeous and younger looking skin.

Use the “4-2-4″ method when washing


In “4-2-4” cleansing method 4 stands for applying hydrophilic oil to your facial skin for 4 minutes, 2 stands for applying purifying cream for 2 minutes and then 4 in the last stands for rinsing the skin with water for 4 minutes. This is also known as a two-stage cleanse.


Use a Konjac sponge

There is a special type of sponge available in the market called konjac sponge which is used for cleaning the dirt from the skin. Konjac sponge is manufactured from the roots of the konjac plant. Before using it let it soak in warm to make it soft for use. Now it is usable to clean your face. Clean your face with it in circular motion starting from forehead to chin.

Protect your face from the effects of ultraviolet light all year round

The Ultraviolet rays coming from sun can harm your skin and makes you skin look dull and unattractive when it comes in contact with your skin. You can use dark shades and umbrella while going outside even when it’s not sunny day. You can also use SPF creams to protect your skin from harmful UV rays.


Use rice water to make your skin look beautiful


The rice water remedy has been used since ancient times for enhancing the beauty of skin and hair. This remedy is highly effective and 100% natural. To get benefit from this remedy you need to wash your face with it. It improves the skin tone and also improves the condition of your hair. Rinse it off with shampoo.

 Add mint and green tea to your arsenal of cosmetic products

Mint and green tea are proved to be one of the best remedy for curing skin and it is very much popular among Asian women’s. Various beauty products such as face masks, anti-aging creams, emulsions, oils, and infusions contains mint and green tea for proper caring of skin as it provides healthy and glowing skin.

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