6 Everyday Habits That Can Damage Our Health

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There are some things that we do daily and it is not easy to give up on them but some of these habits can damage your health severely.We attain these habits because we think that they are beneficial for our health but the results are pretty opposite and unfavourable . Here are some daily habits explained which are pretty harmful for your health.

Preventing yourself from sneezing

People prevent themselves from sneezing being unaware of the fact that controlling sneezing could affect the blood flow to the brain as well as disrupts blood vessel which could affect working of the brain and it can also affect the hearing system of our body and lead to permanent deafness.


Using perfume       


People use perfume to avoid bad odour from their body and use perfume more often in summers. But there are few substances in the perfume which can cause dizziness and headaches and when they get in eyes or nose they produce irritation in the eyes and nose and affect the throat causing dryness and itchiness.

Using smartphone before going to bed

When we use cell phones in the night then the artificial light affect the melatonin present in the body which is the reason behind the insomnia and wakefulness.Insufficient amount of melatonin can lead to depression, cancer and obesity.


Storing food in plastic container

Many plastic containers contain certain chemicals that after a limited period of time can mix with food product kept in it or some of the containers can react with the food material when heated above a particular temperature. So it is better to avoid plastic container and if you’re going to buy one then always take precautions while you are buying it.

Brushing your teeth right after eating

Brushing your teeth before going to bed is a good habit and can prevent your teeth from cavities. But brushing teeth just after dinner is not a good for your teeth because some drinks and products produce specific acid and brush pushes then deeper into your teeth and affects the enamel.

Wearing tight jeans

Girls wear highly tight jeans as they are part of today’s trend but wearing tight jeans continuously press your skin and make your legs go numb. Sometimes wearing tight jeans can cause itchiness and also affects nervous system and blood circulation.

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