6 Reasons Why People Have Crooked Teeth

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The moral purpose of teeth is to grind/chew food but they also play vital role in magnifying your appearance. It is important to keep your teeth healthy as the healthier your teeth will look, the happier you will look. We all have seen abnormalities in teeth of people for instance crooked teeth/misaligned teeth. There are few reasons due to which people have crooked teeth, some of the people have it because of gene, accidents and mouth tumours and further reasons are elaborated below.

1. Genetics

Sometimes the misalignment of the teeth is due to genetic inheritance. If the one or both of the parents have crooked teeth then there is possibility that the offspring / child can inherit it and can have crooked teeth from birth. To treat this parent can do nothing but put braces to align the crooked teeth of the child.



2. Prolonged sucking


Thumb sucking or over three years has remained the main cause of crooked teeth. Child who suck their thumbs for years more than three cause their front teeth to protrude as thumb sucking or milk bottle sucking effects the roof of the mouth. Thumb sucking has been bad for dental health as it can result in crooked teeth and also influence the shape of the mouth.

3. Rise of the food industry

Rise in the food industry has also contributed in the increased of number of people having crooked teeth. Food industry processed softer food products due to which the jaws become weaker which resulted in crowd of teeth/ overlapping teeth or crooked teeth.


4. Congenital abnormalities


Congenital abnormalities which is also known as congenital disorder, deformity and birth defect. This abnormality results in improper growth and development of the body. Generally people with this abnormality experience crooked teeth.


5. Mouth tumours

Mouth tumour, generally known as oral cancer affects whole mouth area including tongue, lips, cheeks and teeth too which results in disruption of the facial structure. Tumours contribute in changing the way of your teeth dentures fit together.

6. Accidents

Some people have crooked teeth by birth due to genetic inheritance but undoubtedly accidents are not one of the genetic reasons. Commonly dental injuries occur in an accident which make the jaws weaker and effects the growth and proper shape of the teeth.


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