7 Ways To Treat Heartburn At Home

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Back from a dinner or a party and got familiar with this? Well , if you’re not in a mood to go to the doctor and still want to get some relief with it , then you’re at the right place. We bring you 7 ways that will help you getting rid of heartburn.

1. Choose best sleeping position

The best sleeping position is sleeping on your left side. Another way to sleep is to sleep with your body elevated because it prevents stomach acid from flowing up your esophagus. It is also called the elevation therapy.

2. Pay attention to what you eat

There are foods that trigger heartburn. Make sure you avoid them. The list includes citrus fruits, coffee and caffeinated drinks (soda as well), peppermint, tomatoes, alcohol (especially red wine), chocolate, garlic, onions and spicy foods. Also avoid junk food.

3. Eat slowly in small portions

Don’t just swallow your food. Chew it well and instead of taking 2 big meals a day , take 5 small meals a day. Don’t consume extremely hot or cold food. Make sure you go to bed 2 hours after dinner.

4. Take care of your health

This means quitting smoking and heavy drinking, and losing weight. A generally healthy body definitely contributes to the stabilization of gastroenterological processes. Losing some pounds surely helps in getting rid of heartburn.

5. Know friendly foods

There are many food items that don’t trigger heartburn. To help yourself , increase intake of these friendly food items and instead of avoiding fat , go for the healthy ones. These superfoods will stand by your side: vegetables, non-citrus fruits, ginger, oatmeal, lean meats and egg whites.

6. Avoid tight clothes

This rule of etiquette will help you out with heartburn too. Tight clothes and belts put extra pressure on your abdomen and cause a rise in the amount of fluid in your stomach. So reconsidering your wardrobe may not be such a bad idea. Some people report coming as far as going up a whole clothes size. After all, being healthy and feeling good is what makes you truly beautiful.

7. Reduce your stress levels

It is another trigger that makes you more perceptive to physical discomforts. So better reduce stress. You can try some yoga or enroll in activities you’re interested in.


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