8 Vital Body Parts You Know Nothing About

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The whole universe lies in our human body which has its own mysteries and laws, which are still unknown to us. This article gives you information about some vital body parts which we don’t know till date.

The anatomic snuffbox

The anatomic snuffbox is a small triangle formed at the base of your thumb when you stretch your thumb. Earlier it was used by peoples to snuff tobacco. You can always feel the radial artery beating at this place even during weak pulses as it is protected by the skin and connective tissues.

The big toe

The shape of the big toe of your feet helps you to stand in balanced position which creates a difference between human and other mammals.



This is the area between your both eyebrows and it is function is to check reflexes. Tap your finger few times at this area and if you feel tension and your eyes want to blink then that means your reflexes are fine.

Frenum of the tongue

The Frenum of the tongue fixes the tongue in the mouth by making it less flexible. This will prevent your tongue from swallowing and very beneficial in case of new born babies whose body is not in control.


Tragus and antitragus

The tragus is the name of little bumps in our ears that helps to detect sound coming from behind whereas anti-tragus has same functionality but it detects the sound coming from front.


Tonsils are very helpful in protecting us from viruses and bacteria’s due to the secretion of lymphocytes by tonsil.  There are some other protective organs also but tonsils are a bit too safe.


Nail cuticles

Nail cuticles are the skin patches situated at the corner of your nails and finger. The cutting of cuticles may be risky for you as the cutting of cuticles may initiate or invite bacteria’s coming in to your hands through that small wound formed due to cutting of cuticles.

The philtrum

The philtrum plays a vital role in amplifying your good sense of smell functionality. Philtrum help the doctors to find the health of unborn babies. Wrong shape of philtrum also says some other conditions like autism.

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