Century Old Life Hacks That Are Still Useful

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Life hacks come and go. With time,we find new ways to overcome daily difficulties. Have you imagined , how life would be without life hacks? Well, you don’t have to worry about that, as it’s not going to happen. Life hacks too have a history , and many of old life hacks , about a century old ,still are in use. Would you like to know about them too? If yes, keep reading.

1. An easy way to clean bottles
To thoroughly wash the interior of a bottle, put little quantity of sand and water and shake thoroughly. This will produce the effect of cleaning all parts and the bottles can be emptied and allowed to drain.

2. To cut bread into thin slices

This would no longer be a pain after you know this hack. Al yiu need to do is to soak a bread knife in hot water, wipe quickly when hot. You will notice that the heated bread knife will slice through the bread while producing the thinnest slices of bread

3. The fire extinguishing hack
Dissolve half a pound of sal-ammoniac and one pound of salt in two quarts of water and store a quart of the liquor in several thin glass bottles. Throw one or more of the bottles into the flames in case of a fire break out, and any severe inferno will be averted.

4. To prevent colors from running

With this hack on your side, there’ll be no mixing or loss of color from your clothes anymore. All that you are asked to do is to steep the color clothes in salt solution. Add two handfull of salt to a gallon of water is a good measurement, and colored materials should be allowed to steep in this for up to 24 hours

5. Reviving cut flowers

You can easily revive your favourite flowers present in the vase now, by this hack. It’s really simple and you just need to soak them in warm water until the water becomes cool. Cut off the ends and then soak them in usual water.

6. Preserving vases

If you want your beautiful vase to never break , then use this hack . Fill the vase partly with sand to add some weight to keep the vase firm and upright on its bottom. This is mainly useful for vases which have heavy tops due to their small base.

7. Treating pain due to sprain
Lift the injured joint and wrap in clothes squeezed out of cold water. The image shows how to keep them wet without changing them. You need a jug full of water and a strip of linen with one end in the jug and the other placed on the wrappings on the joint. The water will flow from the jug to compress through the linen strip. As sprain improves, rub with liniment or oil.

8. How to attract a splinter

A splinter pierced into your hand must have been a painful experience. But, now you can help yourself with this. Fill a bottle with wide brim with hot water almost to the top and press the affected part tightly against the brim of the bottle. The suction pressure will pull against the skin and steam will help to pull out the splinter.

9. Boiling cracked eggs

Has this been a pain to you? To successfully boil cracked eggs as if they were not cracked, add a little vinegar to the water. Do this and you will see that none of the contents will over boil.

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