16 Life Tips That Will Completely Change the Way You Look At Ordinary Things

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Life becomes easy and happy when we know how to handle things. The same is with our daily routine works; we have become habitual of doing these things whether they are hard or easy. But, we all know the importance of time in our life. We can save some minutes even hours sometimes. So the question is, how can we do it?

Here is the answer to this question. Read below the 20 life tips that will completely change the way you look at the ordinary things.


1. Make meat tastier than ever.

Meat can be made with mince, but you can make it tastier by marinating it while it’s in the fridge.


2. Get rid of a sore throat.

You can get rid of a sore throat if you drink hot milk with cardamom. It will kick all inflammation and your throat will be good again.



3. Starting a fire easily.

If you want to lit a fire on your camping day, you would need potato chips. These chips burn better than anything.



4. Calming yourself.

If you want to calm yourself in no time, you can press down the patch of the skin between your nose and lips. It will help you out.


5. Boiling potatoes quicker.

You can save your time by adding some butter to the saucepan while boiling potatoes. They will boil faster.


6. Checking how fresh an egg is.

There is a simple way to check if the egg is fresh or not. Just drop it into water. The fresh one will submerge completely.


7. Substituting bananas for eggs in baking.

If you don’t have eggs in making dough, don’t worry. You can use bananas at the place of eggs. Half of banana is equal to one egg approx.


8. Remove glue stains from the glass.

Glue stains would be no more a problem for you. Pour few drops of vegetable oil on the stain and leave it for 20 minutes. Rub it with a paper towel and the stain will go.


9. Boil beans and pulses really faster.

Soaking beans in water before boiling is a traditional way. If you don’t want to do it in that way, you have an alternate also. Boil your beans without salt in water and add 1 tbsp. cold water in every 5 minutes. Your beans would boil faster than ever.


10. Get rid of ink stains on clothes.

The key tone to this problem is acetone. Just pour it on the ink stain and rub the stain with the spirit of hartshorn.


11. Boil cracked eggs.

Do not think of throwing cracked eggs as a waste. You can still boil them like you normally do. Later on, you can serve it as a salad.



12. Drying footwear quickly.

Salt can help you in assaulting dry footwear problem. Just take some salt and heat it up in a frying pan. Fill the salt into a sock and put the sock in the shoe. The moisture will go in no time. If there would leave some moisture, just take another sock and do it again.


13. Boil milk faster than ever.

You can boil your milk faster than ever. It will save your gas and your pennies indirectly. All you need to do is add a pinch of sugar to the milk while boiling.


14. Grate cheese in a simple way.

Grating some hard cheese would ask your more efforts. But, if you apply some vegetable oil on the blades of grater, the cheese would take fewer efforts.


15. Now remove any unpleasant odor from your kitchen.

If you are fed up of stinky smells of the kitchen, you need to pour some apple vinegar into the fry pan. Heat it up until it evaporates. Your kitchen would get a new fresh pleasant smell.



16. Reusing a dried out lemon.

You can restore the freshness of lemon just by boiling it into the water for a couple of hours.



17.  Protect your smartphone

Take little Colgate in a cloth , then rub gently on scratches on phone. after that remove extra Colgate on screen and wipe screen with clean dry cloth.

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