10 Things Every Woman Should Stop Doing After 30

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1. Having a poor skin care routine.To look young at this stage is not easy and for that you need to wash your face every day and moisturize it on daily basis.


2. Keeping (and using) old makeup.At this age you should stop using your old mascara. Spend your money on buying the new ones.

3. Tanning.This is effective for people of all ages. It applies to every gender whether a male or a female. Tanning makes your skin look dull and also cause the premature aging. You should apply sunscreen while going out on a sunny day.


4. Binge-drinking as a college freshman.Alcohol is harmful to health as well as for our skin. Consumption of alcohol makes you look old and dull.

5. having poor taste in alcohol.At this stage, you should try to avoid consuming the cheap alcohol and move towards more sensible liquor.


6. Not having a budget or any clear financial direction.At this stage of your life you should have some saving accounts and also you have an idea of your expenses.

7. Racking up credit card debt.Use your credit cards to fulfill your desires only and only if you are capable of paying your bills at the end of the month.


8. Stalking old flames on social media.Stop stalking old flames on social media at this phase of your life as you have many more better things in your life to do such as drink all those rich wines.

9. Keeping friends you don’t like.At this stage of your life you are bound to anything so it’s better to keep away from those friends whom you do not like and do not want to hangout with them.

10. Over sharing on social media.At this point it is necessary to know the difference between sharing and over sharing your thoughts on social media.

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