7 Of The Least Helpful Cosmetic Products!

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Well, the beauty market is a gamble! You can find N number of items so convincing that you get lured into the idea of buying them. Let’s face it once and for all that women do have a tendency to get carried away and get into these deals! But the truth is not all of them are effective. They can be dissatisfying to an amount. The products are just illusion of perfection which gets you drooling over them. Here we are with a list of some of these products and attempting to save your hard earned money!


Eye lash primer is one such product, which promises long and winged eyelashes that just brings them near perfection, that’s what they said, but in reality, it is just a waste of your hard earned money. The same could be done using mascara and eyelash curler, which makes this artificial product just pointless.


There are some products which gets us sentimental. This is one of them, but, it is nothing but a trap. Some products are acclaimed of having cellulite in them which could be of potential goodness to our skin. But instead, it has been scientifically proven that cellulite has no good effect on our skin.



Face water spray, this products may sound posh but instead it might be just tap water inside a fancy water bottle. Well, water is essential to our skin and but we should prevent ourselves from buying such pointless products.



The utility provided by any authentic shaving cream in the market can be substituted by many other easily-available-in-your-bathroom- product. Conditioner can be one of them. Hence, the idea of a shaving cream might seem alluring but you can easily save money on that and buy yourself an ice-cream instead.


If you have been going through a persistent hair-fall, then here is a very genuine and surprisingly free thing for you, a tip. And it says don’t stress much and eat healthy vitamin rich food, leafy vegetables, or get a haircut. Some of us get so frustrated and emotional that we try everything available in the market, including shampoos! Some of them are expensive but guess what, they have no special effect on our hair.



Hoax, hoax and hoax! I mean obviously out body, feet and hands need proper care and attention but that does not mean they demand different things. Actually, let’s get one thing straight, our face is the most sensitive part of our body and it needs the most care. Rest of the body can go with a single cream, it will take equal care!


Our nails are very precious to us, And some of us might go to any extent to take good care of them. Cuticle oil is one of the product which can lure you into taking good care. We think that a product like this is a must and is obviously life saver. But in reality, a simple Vaseline might take the same good care and help stop the growth of your skin!

We should be taking proper care of the money we earn and invest them in the most judicious way that there could be! We hope you liked it!

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