5 Amazing Magical Eye makeup ideas

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Magical eye makeup ideas

  1. Pretty in pink

The look in the picture is based on the eye color for the eyes. Light pink glitter and dark pink are there to give a compliment to the looks and give the eye makeup a perfect 10. If anyone wants to look good in pink then they should definitely try this looks and they will be in the spotlight for sure.

  1. Peaches and Cream

Using this makeup people love all the peach colored eyebrows or the eyeshadows? This makeup can be used perfectly during the fall season. If anyone wants to go to the meeting they can use this makeup and be used for an all-day event.

  1. Baby pink shimmer

This makeup has solid pink eyeshadow on the top lid and also golden color on the bottom. This look is subtle and has been used with any of the outfits. To turn up the heads one should pair the makeup with a simple dress.

  1. A gorgeous Sunset

This makeup is so good that it will feel like there is sunset in your eyes. This easy to go look can be used for any occasion.

  1. Indigo Dreams

Using this makeup for eyeshadow it incorporates the favorite nude color and also there is a tinge of Indigo that all of us will love. With this look be bold and look glamorous.




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