Here Is How One Can Detect Secret Hidden Cameras And Two Way Mirrors In The Private Room

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It is considered to be very indecent when you invade into someone’s privacy especially in changing rooms. With the advance of technology, it is very easy to fit spies like camera and detectors. But it is very difficult to detect those cameras in the changing rooms of the prestigious malls and hotels.

Here in this article, we will give you simple tips to check if its two-way mirror or one.

Finger Nail Test

Place your finger on the mirror if the gaps between the refection and the finger is there its one way mirror and if the reflection and the finger is close to each other then its a two way mirror.

Peering Through The Mirror

Cup your hands and try looking at the mirror by avoiding the light to come in. You will be able to see a glimpse of other side if it is a two way mirror.

Torch Test

Try switching on your phone’s torch towards the mirror and id possible switch of the lights. As the man standing in the dark side will be able to see the other side if its a two way mirror.

Knock On The Mirror To Check If It Has A Hollow Sound

A normal mirror gives a flat and dull sound while the two way mirror doesn’t.

How To Identify The Hidden Spy Cameras In Any Private Room ?

Try making a call in the trial room as if the call is barred or the signal is gone then there is a camera in the room as the camera restricts the calls due to interference of fiber optics in the signal.

You can also check if there is a green or red light in the dark doom then it is a two way mirror.

You may also find some apps that helps in detecting hidden cameraa in the room.

So girls next time be aware of these steps when you go somewhere and protect you near and dear ones by alerting them.


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