Top 10 Makeup Tutorials for Seductive Eyes

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Want to have the seductive eyes? But you have no clue on how to go for the eyeshadow thing and the eyelashes thing. Scroll down for such 10 tips in order to get the seductive eyes and the best makeup tutorials.

  • Eye-Opening Cat Eye

In case of any occasion, the first thing that which is supposed to come to your mind is the shimmer, which does make you stand out from the rest. What makes the eye shape more defined is the blending which is done on the crease and the lower lash line with the color dark brown.


  • Plump and Pink

It is one of the most gorgeous and the best looks that we have seen till date. It is beautiful, lovely, subtle and glorious too.  The whole thing is being played with the textures of pink and brown. For any special occasion, you can definitely use it along with shimmer and false eyelashes, which will give an extraordinary look to your face and will make you look subtle and beautiful.

  • Purple Touch

The best thing about the purple color is that it goes along with any kind of skin tone and eye color. Your eyes will look more appropriate, more visible and will also make your eyes pop.

You can blend the purple color on the lower lash line and also the smoky eye you can do in the crease as shown in the below picture.

  • Adriana Lima Makeup

This makeup is done by applying a thin layer of white shimmering eyeshadow followed by a black eye pencil. A cat eye smoky look is also being created in the picture given as you can see which is created by blending the shimmery black eyeshadow. On the lower lash line, a blended line is also being added as depicted in the picture. Follow the tips from the tutorial given below if you want the alluring and the delectable look which Lima has.

  • Light Brown Shadow

To get this shade, at first apply the white eyeshadow as the base. Then go for applying and making the contours with the brown eyeshadow on top of the white eyeshadow. With the help of a blending brush, a small amount of black is being applied and then blended to give the smoky eye look.

  • Royal Blue

This look is one of the gorgeous looks which you can try in any special occasion. You will for sure look the best in the entire event. The blue color as shown in the below picture gives the look a brightening effect and will look the best on a person who has brown eyes.

  • Silver Metallic Smoky

Follow the steps as shown in the tutorial and you will for sure fall in love with this effect. This look will just leave you speechless giving you a shimmery, Egyptian cat eye look. It is perfect for any party type occasions.

  • Emerald Green

The emerald color is a very bright color which will give your eyes that intense effect and will make you look very beautiful. This color will look the best on people with blue eyes. Once you have done this shading, you can look bold and beautiful both at the same time.

  • Purple Smoky

This shade is made by using the colors purple and black which are being followed by a shimmery sparkle thing on it. The waterline and the upper lash line are supposed to be lined along with mascara which is to be applied in a proper way in order to make your eye look delightful.

  • Bold Black Eye Liner

Put proper eyeliner at first on your eye and then apply the black eyeshadow which is to be blended with the eyeliner in order to give you an Egyptian look and to make your eyes more intense and more visible.





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