Warning! Never Put These 5 Things On Your Face

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Our facial skin is too much sensitive and needs more care than any other part of body. You should better know what to apply and what not to apply on your face as your face is the true reflection of your own personality hence it’s very crucial to take care of it.  We should not trust on blindly on any kind of remedies and products as they may damage your skin. Here are the lists of things that you should not apply on your skin:


We generally use hairspray to tame the flyaway’s however overuse of hairspray can dehydrate your skin which causes irritation as the hairspray consists of alcohol and lacquers.  This practice clogs your skin pores and makes you look old.



There is no doubt about that the lemons are rich in vitamin C and it has several beauty and health benefits but getting benefits through drinking a glass of water in which lemon is squeezed is far better than apply it directly on your face as it is highly acidic in nature and can disturb the pH balance of the skin which cause skin burn.



Scrubbing with sugar on your facial skin may harm your skin and lead to the premature aging and also cause wrinkles as the facial skin is more sensitive and thinner as compared to other body parts.


Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum jelly is considered as one of the best remedy for treating several skin related problems such as it is used to moisturize the skin, heals the cuts, burns and wounds and also useful for cracked lips or cracked heels but unfortunately it is not good for your facial skin as it blocks the pores which result dead skin cells.

Rubbing Alcohol

Alcohol is considered as the dry and damaging liquor and also used to clean homes as it kills bacteria but allowing alcohol is not good for your facial skin. It can harm your skin by drying out the skin cells and building up the dead skin cells.

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