Know How This Women From Korea Looks 20 Yrs old Even At 50

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There are many people who look more that their age, but you will rarely find people that look actually younger than they actually are. Lifestyle is the prime reason for this. A famous korean actress, Kim Hee- Ae, looks like she has just passed her college and is in her early 20’s. But you’ll be taken aback when you get to know that she’s actually in her 50’s. Shocked? Well , that’s not your fault. If you’re wondering what the reason is , you might be thinking that she would have been undergoing surgeries and maintaining her looks. But again, you will be shocked to know, that she doesn’t undergoes any kind of cosmetic surgery. Now , you must be eager to discover how she looks beautiful and young inside out even at this age. We’re here to help. The korean beauty herself has shared her secret of looking young and beautiful.

Her complexion is something to envy- radiant, smooth and firm. When asked about the same , she described it very candidly. Following are they-

1. Say no to alcohol

Kim Hee Ae avoids liquor and drinks only at social events. Otherwise, she seriously avoids it. According to her,it accelerates the ageing process and causes wrinkles, dehydration, depletion of nutrients inthe body, and the loss of collagen and elasticity of the skin.

2. Early to bed

The korean actress believes in the power of sleep and she goes to bed before 11 pm every night. According to her, not getting enough sleep causes dark circles and irritable. During sleeping, the blood flow is increased in the body and collagen is produced. This gives the skin a healthy glow while the loss of sleep makes your skin lifeless.

3. Avoid the sun

Even though she is a golf lover, she never forgets to wear a hat, a sun mask and a sunscreen. According to her, avoiding the sun is necessary as prolonged exposure to sun can cause weakening of the lower layer of the skin, wrinkles, dark spots, and even extreme sunburnt.

4. Passion fruit juice

The beautiful lady starts her day with a glass of passion fruit juice mixed with honey. It boosts the digestive system and prevents constipation. A healthy digestive system therefore translates into a radiant skin. The vitamin C present in the juice prevents premature ageing of the body and makes the immune system healthy.

5. Groundnut soup

Groundnut in itself is very healthy. The korean beauty herself finds it an amazing drink. It is rich in vitamin E, zinc and magnesium. It gives your skin a natural glow and radiance. The protein content in peanuts is crucial in cell regeneration whereas the anti oxidants present in it slows down the ageing process of the body . Boiled groundnuts are known to have lower calories and fats, and more nutrients than raw dry- roasted groundnuts. Making soup out of it is the best way, and Kim Hee Ae guarantees it.

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