Easy & Amazing Diwali Look Which you can Do at your home

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Hello everyone!! So ‘Beauty of girls ‘is here again with an easy article for those who want to try this easy

I am Deeksha Singh A Young Youtuber on Personal Lifestyle niche. So, I am here at ‘Beauty of girls’  with an easy article for those who want to try this easy Diwali makeup look.With referring to these steps you can create this look at your home, instead of spending bucks in salons.

So let’s get started!!


# First, I am priming my eyes with an eyeshadow base so that it covers up any flaws and prepare our eyes for eyeshadow application.
# Then I am taking a flat brush and applying first eyeshadow onto the lids.
# For crease I am taking matte color so that our eyes have some depth and also it will help blending our eyeshadows well.
# In the center of the lid I am going with a light beige shimmery shade that is going to pop and make our eyes more vibrant.
#And last I am going with a black matte eyeshadow to messily through it close to upper lashline to give it a messy look.
# For brow bone also I am using the same shade to uplift them and also on my tear duct to open up my eyes a little more.
# Then I am curling my lashes with a curler and using a mascara to uplift and darken them a bit more.
#And later I had tightlined my upper and lower lashline and blend it with a pencil brush because I don’t like harsh or unblended lines and ended with a mascara on the lower lashes.


# Now I am priming my face, using an appropriate primer is savage because it just helps to blur out your pores or any imperfections.
‌# Next I am switching up my two foundations as it just gives a perfect match to the skin and looks so natural because no one wants to look caked up.And blending it up with a beauty blender.
‌# Next I am going with two concealers one is little pink and the other is yellow and blending it a beauty blender.I am putting it under my eyes, forehead around my nose and on my cupid bows to give some dimension to my face.
‌# Then I am setting my face with a powder so that my makeup does not move.
‌# Now I am chiseling up my cheeks, bronzing very basic around my forehead, jawline and little around my nose.
‌# Then adding my blush on the cheeks and finishing it off with a highlighter on high points of cheeks, center of nose, forehead chin and onto cupid bows to draw attention to the mouth area.


 Now finishing off my whole look with red lips as it just syncs so well with the whole look.

I hope it was helpful to you guys and let me know what you feel about it.And you can also check out the video too.Happy diwali to all you people!!

Check Full Video Here and Ask anything on youtube comments.

Love,Deeksha ^ >^
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