Everyone’s Obsessed With Resistant Band Workouts – Here’s Why

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Have you heard of resistant bands? They’re an old type of workout tool that’s making a huge compact. Models, trainers, and people with limited exercise time and resources are obsessed with these resistant bands because they provide a great workout at an even better cost. Resistant bands can transform the way you workout and really leave you feeling the burn.

They Exercise Your Entire Body

Resistant bands can work out your entire body! What other workout tools can do that?! When you buy these bands, they come in a set that typically provides you with suggested exercises for every muscle group. And if you don’t like those, you can easily go on the internet and find tips/videos of possible exercises you can do with the bands.

They’re Cheap

Resistant bands aren’t expensive, regardless if you buy one or you purchase a set. These bands cost practically nothing which is what makes them such a great option. They don’t break the bank and they’re actually a great tool. It’s not often you can buy something that works effectively AND is on the cheaper side.

They REALLY Work Your Muscles

Resistant bands aren’t weights — they work differently, but they’re still effective. Why? Because they force your muscles to work harder. Hence the word, “resistant.” Your body moves against the resistant bands which is what helps you get such a good workout.

They’re For Anyone

Whether you’re an avid gym-goer or you’re new to the game, you can still use resistant bands. That’s what’s so great about them. They’re not complicated, like so many workout tools out there. All you have to do is put the bands around the muscle group you’re trying to work and you’re good to go!

They’re Safer

A lot of people like the idea of weight lifting, but they’re nervous about the negative effects weightlifting can have on the body; especially if you’re not careful about how you’re using the weights. Resistant bands are an easy alternative to weight lifting and a safer option. You don’t need to worry about dropping the weight on your foot or needing someone to spot you from behind. You can use resistant bands alone without any stress.

They’re Convenient

You can take resistant bands anywhere! They’re small and bend easily. All you have to do is throw them in your purse or bag and you’re good to go. Not to mention, you can use resistant bands anywhere. While you’re in a hotel room or even while you’re relaxing on the beach. All you have to do is whip them out and start working out.

They Boost Your Workout

Maybe you have a workout plan that you follow religiously. You don’t have to change that routine at all, resistant bands will only give your routine a boost. With that said, if you do want to change your routine resistant bands can help you add variety. Weightlifting is definitely going to give you results, but it’s not the only type of workout you need. It’s important you’re exercising your entire body — all of your muscles. Introducing resistant bands will do just that!

If you’re wondering how you should start, here are a few resistant band workouts to try:

Ankle Jumping Jacks

Put your resistant band around your ankles. Then, position your feet so their width-distance apart. Slightly bend into a squat position (not too low though). Jump your feet out, like you’re doing a jumping jack. And then jump your feet back to where they started. Do 20 reps two to three times!

Branded Push-Ups

Put the resistant band around your wrists and then get into a plank position. Keep your hands shoulder-width apart and then lower yourself into a push-up. Make sure you’re keeping pressure against the band so you can be sure you’re feeling it! After you’ve done a few slow-moving push-ups, move the band so it’s around your elbows. The more you move the band, the more muscles you’ll work at once.

Standing Abductor Lift

Feel free to rest your hand on a chair for support while doing this move. Stand on your mat with your feet shoulder-width apart. Put the resistant band right above your ankles and then lift one of your feet (doesn’t matter which one) to the side while squeezing your glutes. Keep the other foot on the ground. Repeat this move and change your lifting leg while you do. Do 15-20 reps two or three times!

Bicep Curls

Stand on your mat with your feet shoulder-width apart. Hold the band around your wrists (so each wrist is slightly wrapped around each side of the band). Make sure your wrists are also shoulder-width apart as you slowly lower your arms down and back up again. Repeat the motion. Do 7-10 reps two or three times.

Hip Bride Pulses

Lay down on your mat with your knees bent and your legs flat on the ground. Place your resistant band around your knees. Lift your hips up while activating your core and squeezing your glutes tightly. While holding your hips up, push your knees out to the side and then slowly return your knees back to touch. Do 20 reps two or three times!