Here’s What You Need To Know About Hair Fall, Brittle Nails, And Insomnia

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Insomnia is a medical condition which is active nowadays and regularly affecting millions of people worldwide. And the reason behind your brittle nails and hair falls could be your hormonal imbalance. At this stage, your hormonal changes take place affects your body which results in excess weight gain and loss. Overall conclusion is that hormones play important role in all the changes taking place in your body and here are the few methods with which one can deal with these serious problems

You probably have a thyroid problem if you face such issues

Problems like brittle nails and fragile hair are usually because of deficiency of vitamin C. But these symptoms also indicate towards thyroid problem. So if you notice like you are losing hair and having brittle nails and gaining weight then there is a suggestion to go through a medical checkup to find the reason behind it.


So to get rid of all such issues, there is a natural recipe for it:

Ingredients you need:

  • Brazilian walnut


  • Leaves of parsley


  • Dried raisins


  • Honey


  • Grated ginger




  • For preparing recipe to start with parsley leaves and Brazilian walnut, grind them well.
  • After grinding both of the ingredients add up some dried raisins to it.

  • Then add grated ginger and honey and mix them well and voila! Here’s your recipe.

  • This recipe should be consumed daily. Take 2 full tablespoons daily, in the morning and half an hour before starting your meal.





  • It will be beneficial for your fragile hair and brittle nails and maintain the smooth functioning of the body.

  • This mixture will be helpful in regulation of the body hormone and will also fulfill the need of vitamins like vitamin B and vitamin C.


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