How to Apply Eyeliner Perfectly Based On Your Eye Shape

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Eyes are the most effective weapon of a woman in communication and attraction.Every eyeliner requires its own technique. There are always some Do’s and Don’ts that you need to keep in your mind. When you keep these tips in your mind, you will not be lesser than a pro.

Watch here how to apply eyeliner perfectly based on your eye shape.

1. Almond eyes

If the inner and outer corner of your eyes is at the same level then you’vealmond shape eyes. Applying eyeliner from the inner to outer corner would fetch attention to your eyes. This would make your eyes look bigger and wide open.


2. Hooded eyes

People having hooded eye have skin hanging over their upper eyelid. You should try not to let your eyes look smaller. For this, you can add volume to your lashes and cover the upper lash line by wide arrows.


3. Wide-set eyes

People having this shape of the eye have much distance between both of their eyes. So, all that you need to do is bring them closer dramatically. For this, you should apply the eyeliner from inner to outer corner. Cover half of your lower lash line using eyeliner. Curl up your lashes toward a slightly inner direction.


4. Large eyes

This is one of the best eye shapes. Smokey eyes are the best method to make them look elongated. You can also go for a wing on the outer corner.

5. Elongated eyes

It takes a little effort to make this sexy eye shape look amazing. Try not to let them look narrow. Just draw an arrow a little above your lash line and fill up space between it using a pencil liner.

6. Close-set eyes

People having this shape of the eye have only a little distance between both of their eyes. This makes your eyes to look smaller. So, you should start applying the eyeliner from a little ahead of the inner corner and drag it outside. Create a raised arrow on the outer corner to make them look bigger and brighter.

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