How To Improve Your Posture

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“Do not sit like a couch potato” ,”stop acting like a bean bag “ these lines may sound familiar today because people are becoming slow ,they have low self esteem and are not as self-conscious as before. Your body posture is one of your qualities that define your personality. People who maintain their posture are considered to be more confident, attractive and positive rather than those who are sluggish; they are considered to be the one who spread negativity and feeling of depression.

What is good posture?

If you want a perfect posture it is a better option to use a  wooden chair as it will make the task a little bit easier but there’s a debate on if the chair is needed or not . So standing position could be more convenient.

Keep your shoulders pushed backward and this posture should be held with stiffness

Stomach should be tucked in

Face forward

Chest upward and out

Keep an eye on your posture

Maintaining your posture could be annoying and painful in the beginning. so it’s  a good idea to  ask someone to point you out if you are being sluggish and losing your perfect posture.  There’s another way to keep an eye on your posture

Look at the mirror standing straight facing forward and no body part should be out of place shoulder backward, stomach tucked in and chin little bit upward. Now align your body in a manner where your side view can be seen in the mirror. If your posture looks like slight “s” then you have attained a perfect posture

If it look like you are bent in any direction then try to fix this out.

Posture tips

I know that maintaining perfect posture for the whole day is not everyone’s cup of tea…. this is impossible to do in one go because it is impossible to change a habit in one day either it is good or bad. So try to do it day by day, it may be a tedious job but it can help you a solid personality and help to get back your lost confidence

1. Mostly our posture is disrupted due to tilting our neck down this is because while using smart phones, laptops, typing and while reading novels we tilt our neck down instead of changing the angle of the things .We  should hold our phones , laptops and books higher using pillow or something  that could change the angle


2. An old school way to check your posture is to hold up a book on your head and keep it balanced and steady while walking ,sitting and standing this will lead to improvement in your body structure

3. Sometimes people sit for a long time while studying and watching tv without any movement and this effect our body posture. One should get up and walk around every hour to prevent your body from attaining a bad posture.


4. Sleep is a need of our body because nobody can wok 24×7 so we spend quite hours on our bed then we should not ignore our sleeping arrangement. Our mattress plats a vital role in our posture while sleeping. A perfect mattress is neither too soft nor too hard, it should be able to keep our spinal aligned. Soft or hard mattress can result in backache.

5. Yoga and stretching exercises can help you out for getting that perfect posture as these two can keep your muscle flexible.

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