5 Clever Bobby Pin Hacks That Actually Works

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Bobby Pins are really famous for holding the hair at same place. But there are other amazing hacks to these bobby pins.

Let’s have a look.

The Pony Tail Hack

To hold the high ponytails at position, if these bobby pins are used they can hold the ponytail for a longer period, then the ponytails normally do.

The Make-Up Brush Hack

The bristles of the brush is usually too small to blend the make-up properly. The bobby pin is a great solution for this. If the bobby pin is added horizontally in the brush in such a way that the bristles open up, then you can get a perfect brush to blend your make-up.

The Nail Art Hack

There are some tools required to do some exclusive nail arts. The bobby pins works great as an alternative to these tools to have a perfect nail art!

The Winged Eyeliner 

The most common problem faced by every woman is applying eyeliner. While applying eyeliner, we always worry about the thickness and the wings of the eyeliner. This problem can be fixed by the bobby pins.

The False Lash Look

Bobby pins helps in applying right amount of glue and fixing the false eyelashes n the eyes.


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