11 Mistakes You’re Making With Your Makeup Placement

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The way you do and maintain your makeup speaks so much about you.

Brush, eyeliner and arch of your eyebrows can either make or ruin your day…so here you can find your easy and quick solution.


1. Bronzer’s are only for specific parts of your face

Bronzers are made to highlight your face structure and should be applied only on specific areas

For example your forehead, cheekbones and jawline… so if you want to look flawlessly beautiful so it would be great if one would avoid overdoing of makeup.


2. Method of applying under eye -concealer

One should keep in mind the way they are applying their under -eye concealer…some apply concealer as making dots but this only minimize the benefits of a concealer as it would not be able to hide your dark circles properly so it would be beneficial for them to apply as in shape of triangle instead of dots as in this way it cover up the whole area under your eye and would make your eyes look more attractive.


3. Applying eyeliner in the bottom lash line

Eyeliner is a eye makeup that is used to make your eyes look beautiful and bigger than normal size.

Some have small eyes so they use eyeliner for enhancing them so they look attractive but the way they apply their eyeliner doesn’t help that much…applying eyeliner on the bottom lash line would make it look even smaller …so change your way and use them on your top lash line only then you can see the benefits of eyeliner .


4. Your eyebrows look outdated

We all know giving shape to your eyebrows will polish you looks but when you make them dramatic it will look outdated. Every girl’s brows look beautiful in their own shape so one must try to make them look perfect instead of changing their shape forcefully …give them perfect arch using a smooth brow pencil


5. Your blush is for your cheekbones not for your apple of cheeks

Overuse of blush without any doubt would make you look like a perfect clown.If you use them on your apple of cheeks it will make you look like a clown instead of using them on your apple of cheeks apply it to your cheekbones and then sweep it upward and try not to overuse them and get healthy glowing cheeks.


6. Connecting your top and bottom line of your eyeliner

If you want your eyes to look bigger and beautiful than normal never forget to leave a little shape between your top and bottom eyeliner as connecting them will make them look smaller than the normal size

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