One Simple Way to Check Your Health in One Minute

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We all know how health is important for us. A healthy lifestyle is like a paradise on earth. A Healthy life is the key to happiness and joy. Monitoring health condition is as important as remain healthy but most of us don’t like to visit to doctors regularly for regular checkups so we in this article introduce you an amazing trick by which you can monitor your health condition at home very easily without visiting to doctors.

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  • Scrape the entire surface of your tongue with the help of a normal spoon in order to collect the saliva from the tongue.
  • Now place that spoon in a transparent plastic bag under the bright light whether it is sunlight or a desk lamp.

  • Then you have to wait for about 1 minute and check the spoon whether there is certain change in it or not!

If there is no certain change in the odor of the spoon and there are no stains over there then it simply means that there is no problem with your health condition and you are absolutely healthy internally.

What if there is an odor in the spoon:

Well it means you may suffer from certain diseases which simply signify that your health condition is not good.

  • You may suffer from lung and stomach problem if the odor is Putrefactive and strong.
  • You may suffer from diabetes if the odor is sweet.
  • If the odor of spoon is ammonia then there may the problem in the kidneys.

If there are stains on the spoon:

  • If there is coating of White or yellow on the spoon then it is the sign of thyroid gland dysfunction.
  • Purple stains are the sign of bronchitis, poor blood circulation, and high cholesterol level.
  • White stains on the spoon signifies the respiratory infection;
  • If there is an orange colored stain on the spoon then there may be some problem in kidney.

Note: This method is for informational purpose and there is nothing related to the doctors consultancy.

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