She Poured Listerine on cotton and rubbed it on her arm and result will shock you

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Well, the person who made listerine didn’t create it to be just used as a mouthwash for sure. It has some unbelievable uses due to its helpful ingredients. It contains eucalyptus , thyme and alcohol. We enlist some of the uses of listerine below-

1. Cure to toenail fungus

If you’re suffering from this not so good looking toe problem . You need to cure it with this simple product. Just soak your feet in listerine for around half an hour and say goodbye to this unwanted guest of yours.

2. Fight underarm odour

In case you are out of deodorant and don’t wanna smell bad. Don’t panic, glycerine is the perfect solution. Take a ball of cotton , pour on it some listerine and apply gently under your arms.

3. Ridding off itchy bug bites

It surely works and is recommended by experts for itchy reactions. It will give you much needed relief.

4. Toilet cleaner

Probably something that will make your toilet seat shine . It deodrizes and cleans your bowl. Pour a little bit of it in the toilet and scrub it with a toilet brush.

5. Anti dandruff hack

It was marketed before to get rid of dandruff too. You need to rub it over your scalp and then wrap it in a towel . Then wash it after some time. The results might suprise you.

6. Anti acne

You must have tried everything in the market to get rid of acne. Why not try listerine. Rub a little listerine in the morning and before going to bed. We guarantee you satisfaction.

7. For pets

Add a little listerine to shampoo or dilute it with water as a replacement for those harsh chemicals and flea sprays for your pets.

8. Glass cleaner

You can clean all the glass stuff like computer or tv screen using listerine. Take a cloth and spray some listerine over it and wipe off all the unwanted fingerprints and junks. It leaves a mild minty smell that is much better than the chemicals.

9. Cleaning toothbrush

Apart from cleaning your mouth, it can also clean your toothbrush. Add some listerine in a glass of water and pour in water. Put a toothbrush in it and let it soak for some hours.

10. Prevent dustbin smell

We have all experienced the awful smell from the dustbin at times. To prevent it, before putting garbage in the bag, put a listerine-soaked paper towel in the bottom of the trash bin. This is going to keep things smelling minty and fresh!

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