The Difference Between Weight Loss And Fat Loss

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Losing weight is something that every single person in the world loves to do, especially women. Women would do or try anything to lose their extra weight and to attain their “hour glass” figure.

Today losing weight give the feeling of triumph to people and it also demands a lot of determination and motivation.

But some of the people are confused about the “weight loss” and “fat loss” and they consider both as a same thing but there is significant difference between the two. Some times in their obsession to lose weight people lose their health and there are few things people should be aware of.

Weight reduction VS Fat loss

Weight reduction is way more different than fat reduction. There are generally three explanations for weight reduction i.e. losing fat, losing water and losing muscles which is not good for our health. Weight loss results in decreased strength, reduced immunity and poor performance.

Losing fat provides much help in maintaining a healthy body and perfect body shape. Losing fat improves our performance, improved strength, increased energy and healthier weight and body. Chopping your all calories do not mean that you are going to get a healthy body because some of those calories are daily need of our body .so one must be aware about the amount of calories they are cutting off.

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