These DIY Lava Lamp Glosses Will Give You Another Level Of Beauty

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Remember those gorgeous lava lamp lip glosses from the 60s taking one to a world of magic with the cool and ‘out of the box’ lava effect they sported? Surely they were taking all beauty trends by a storm ! With new trends popping up each day, those classic groovies are back in town all over again. And if you too are willing to go for a throwback, how about crafting a DIY Lava Lamp Lip Gloss at home?

If yes , then let’s tell you how .

What you need?

The list is pretty simple and pocket friendly. You don’t need to spend a huge sum of money from your pocket to get these lava lamp lip gloss.

1. traditional roll-on lip gloss

2. some castor oil

3. vegetable glycerin

4. eye dropper



7.scissor glue gun

The reason for those bubbles are blending an oil based material and a little glycerine based potion along with a scrape of eyeshadow of your favourite color. The ingredients do not mix giving you the desired mesmerising lava look.

Just pick your choice of color and transform it into a thing of glowing liquid sensation, adding a dose of glamour to your lips!

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