Weird Products That Women Spend Money On

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A women spends a lot of money on beauty products alone. But apart from buying beauty products, women tend to spend money on a variety of weird product, of which, some of them are listed below.

17. Make out practice pillow

These pillow have gained popularity among women in very less time. It may be weird, but everybody gets lonely sometimes.

16. RAD emergency bra

This is the thing that can be your saviour at traumatic times. The inventor ,Dr. Elena Bodnar who, at the time, was herself the founder and president of the “Trauma Risk Management Research Institute” in Chicago. She should have surely known what she was talking about. This stylish bra transforms into two gas masks with independent strap systems and maybe, more or less, this is the reason of popularity of these bra’s.

15. Cuchini

This prevents the formation of a camel toe in any type of panties or trousers. But this was not something really necessary. You can just buy clothes of your fit to avoid this situation.

14. GoGirl

This is kind of weird, but may be relief provider for women’s who find it difficult to pee outside. Women’s can pee outside standing up just like men. They have been actually sold out from the official website and is still in demand.

13. Boob glue

This product promises to keep women’s breast perky against gravity. They are all set for breasts of all size in place. They claim to be “A cleavage makeover in bottle”.

12. Heel condoms

Well, it’s not a sexual contraceptive, but one of it’s kind. It was invented as just a protective cover for heels , but with time it has evolved into a fashion trend and basically lets you choose a ton of styles to turn your shoes into.

11. BraZing

This is a company which makes bra straps different then women’s wear regularly. So, women’s looking for a change must go for it. But the question is , is this really a different approach?

10. Foot undiez

This is a unique approach to be remembered in history. I mean, why wear undies in regular places. The person inventing it must be a little foot fetish.

9. Ta- Ta towels

Many aren’t aware that there are towels made for specific body parts. This one was made for the chest region particularly. The inventor seriously did over care.

8. Beetle earings

This is totally creepy for some of us, while the other group simply adores it. But, do not wear it on family gatherings or you’ll end up scaring someone.

7. Handholding phonecase

The inventor of this product must be either too lonely on the inside or maybe he was too lazy. So what’s better than holding a hand while talking at the same time. Well, plastic hands, ofcourse.

6. Ryan gosling pillow

Well, he’s handsome, talented and quite an awesome personality. But, is it necessary for him to be on every bed.

5. Hug buddy

For the ladies who need extremely masculine men, the inventor just made this. It’ll be a gift to those who lack hugs in their life.

4. Smile trainer

This is certainly the most logical thing in the list. Women’s buy this to improve their smile. This stretches the corner of your mouths to give you the perfect smile.

3. Wine bra

Well, if you want to sneak in somewhere with a bottle of wine, then this is the perfect wear for you. This can store upto a bottle of wine. What you can hope is it to not leak.

2. Lipstick helper

This is a creepy looking mask, but it does give you your dream plump lips. You don’t need to put too much time and effort into it.

1. Side sleep boob pillow

If you want to avoid the situation of your pair of breast touching each other, just buy yourself these pillows and sleep tight.

So, what did you find useful or new?

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