10 Facts About Your Blood Type

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We all know that there are four types of blood groups – A , B , AB , O. But these aren’t just for the medical purpose. You can know a lot more about yourself by knowing your blood group. According to experts, every blood group has different characteristics. Namely, there are a lot of aspects conditioned by one’s blood group. Some of them are enlisted below-

1. Nutrition

Different type of blood groups have different nutritional requirements. As an example, blood type A individuals should avoid meat consumption and instead include more veggies. Additionally people with blood type O require more proteins so they should eat more meat and fish. People with AB blood type should consume lean meat and seafood, whereas the individuals with type B are advised to avoid chicken meat and eat more red meat.

2. Illness’s

Each blood type is prone to certain type of disease or condition. So better research your blood group as much as you can.

3. Personality

Your blood group can tell a lot about your personality traits. It is believed that individuals with blood type O are self-confident, creative, social, and outgoing. Moreover, blood type A people are usually peaceful, artistic, and trustworthy, whereas people with blood type B are independent, strong, and dedicated to achieving their goals. And, last but not least, AB individuals are shy, responsible, reliable, and they like to take care of others.

4. Pregnancy

The fact that how pregnancy is related to blood group will absolutely amaze you. From a medical aspect, some blood types contribute to an easier conception than others. For example, women with blood type AB have a lower production of follicle stimulating hormone which allows the body to conceive easier.

5. Stress

Different blood groups have different amount of adrenaline that stimulates their stress levels . For example people with blood type O can get angry very quickly as their level of adrenalin is higher and they need more time to calm down after a stressful situation.

6. Antigens

Antigens are not only present in the blood but also in the colon and other parts. Each blood group has a different antigen whereas blood group AB has none.

7. Weight problems

Well, blood groups can tell a lot about your belly fat. Namely, people with blood type A rarely experience belly fat problems, whereas blood type O individuals are more prone to it.

8. Offspring

Shocked ? Well anyone would be . But this is the truth. According to the Rh factor, around 85% of people are Rh positive. However, if the woman is Rh negative and the man who she conceives with is Rh positive, the baby’s risk of developing some health problem is higher and a condition called erythroblastic fetalis can occur.

9. Workout

Your blood group can also help you out for your physical and mental health. As people with blood type A are more prone to stress than others, they need to do relaxation exercises like yoga and meditation. The individuals with blood type B like challenges in their life, so they should practice activities that will balance their body and spirit. For example, they can benefit a lot from tennis, mountain climbing, and martial arts.

10. Emergencies

This is the most important aspect of blood groups. It’s because not anyone can give you their blood. Although people forget to do this, you should always carry some kind of personal info regarding your blood type in your wallet, bag, pocket, etc. in case of emergencies, as you may be in need of blood transfusion and wasted time on finding out your blood type can be detrimental.

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