7 Signs That You’re Consuming Extra Sugar

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Excess of anything is bad, and this line is truly more than a 100% for the sugar lovers. Well, figure conscious people in the current time often forget that sugar is also affecting their health and not only the waistline. Yes, you read that right. In the recent years, sugar is getting blamed for health issues more than saturated fats or cholesterol. The fact is that today, sugar is affecting our health , fitness and lifestyle in various ways. Now, if you’re in a dilemma that whether you are consuming sugar in the right amount or not , then you got yourself to the right place. We present you the 7 symptoms that you’re consuming too much sugar.

1. Caffeine cravings

If you always crave for a cup of coffee, then you’re already taking too much sugar. When you’re tired or beginning the day, don’t just grab a cup of coffee. First drink 2 glasses of water as that may help you to freshen up and boost you up. You can also opt for tea instead of coffee. Cut down your coffee consumption if you literally care for your health.

2. Disrupted sleep

While you have been blaming your bladder to wake you up at the middle of the night , it might be the sugars in the snacks that you eat before sleeping. Yes, it’s true .The sugarful snacks that you eat before bed increases the blood sugar level and your body is trying to maintain it. So, from tonight , opt for some healthy bed time snack and sleep tight.

3. Skin issues

We all do suffer from health issues. From acne to dark spots , we want to get rid of them all. But do you know, that majority of them are due to the high sugar intakes. And that is a reason enough for ladies to skip sugars and prefer a low sugar diet instead. Opting for omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins, antioxidants, and ample water intake in addition to reducing your sugar intake, may be just your ticket to relieved complexion.

4. Abdominal Issues

Intake of too much sugar can cause your stomach to bloat and you may not feel good for the rest of the week. Your gut will certainly accuse you for not giving it the best diet. Let your gut lead you and avoid those hidden sugars too.

5. Never ending sweet tooth

When you overeat sugars, your taste buds becomes kind of addictive to it and they’ll respond to only high sugar levels. As a result , the food items that once used to taste good will taste only so-so.

6. Persistent sickness

Excess sugar intake may actually depress your immune system, and therefore make you more susceptible to colds, bacteria and viruses. As we know, excess sugar increases inflammation in our body. Our immune system’s first response is to “put out the fire” and handle the inflammation, rather than fight off the cold. So, if you overconsume sugar , your immune system may feel the consequences.

7. Aches and pains

The reason to all your aches and pains can be this sugar intake in inadequate amounts. Try swapping processed carbohydrates for veggies and fruits as much as possible. Replace soda with sparkling water and turn to healthy fats such as omega-3 to further decrease inflammation.

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