This Women Scrubbed Her Nose Until This Happened

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We all suffer from various kind of skin problems and so many flaws that we acquire in our lifetime. And then using those weird chemicals in the beauty products damages our skin even more. But nature has a solution to every untold problem. And if you look closely, you’ll get them. It is known to us that if we keep our skin healthy , have our pores cleaned and remove those excess oils , then you can have a flawless and ageless skin. Well, we present you a completely new method of cleaning face developed by a young YouTube star – Alexandra.

Things you’ll need-

1. A clean toothbrush

2. 1 tsp toothpaste

3. 1 tsp baking powder

4. Warm water


1. Cleaning the skin

Wash your face thoroughly and then soak a towel in some warm water and apply on the skin locations where you have blackheads. This will open up the pores.

2. Using the mask

Take a bowl and add toothpaste, baking powder and water. Now apply the mask gently over the area’s you have blackheads over .

3. Brushing

Now, using the toothbrush, massage the paste into your pores.

4. Wipe it off

Once you finish brushing, leave it for 1 minute and then wipe it with a towel.

5. Rinsing

Wash off your face with luke warm water.

We bet that you’ll be surprised by the results. Enjoy your spotless, soft. , clean and smooth skin.

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