5 Minute Non Toxic Makeup Routine

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Nobody has 2 to 3 hours to dedicate to their makeup daily, but still everyone wants to look beautiful and flawless. Well, you must be thinking that we’re barfing about this 5 minute routine makeup, but trust us , it literally does take only 5 minute’s. Have a look at the below given makeup schedule and walk flawlessly every day.

1. Primer

Using a primer helps your makeup go super smooth . And once you start using it, you aren’t going to stop.

2. Foundation

To even up your skin tone, you need a tone darker foundation every time. So why not a natural one? Below are some natural non toxic foundations.

3. Bronzer

To add a bit of shimmer to your makeup, you can use a natural bronzer on a daily basis.

4. Blush, Highlighter and eyeshadow

If you’re a makeup minimalist, buy yourself an 3 in 1 makeup kit so that you can easily figure out combinations that look good.

5. Eye liner

Makeup anyway is incomplete without a good eyeliner.

6. Mascara

Prefer the black tea color for a daily use.

7. Lip balm

Apply some lip balm before the lip color to have a long lasting effect.

8. Lipstick

The next one in line is lipstick. We get a little choosy over it . And why not, it defines our lips. Choose a light shade for the daytime.

9. Lipgloss

To avoid the clumps and dryness over your lips, you definitely need a gloss.


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