10 Fitness Myths You Need to Stop Believing

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For maintaining our fitness we follow some of the rules which are well known and without being aware of the fact that some of them are proven to be wrong and have adverse effect on our body. Here are some myths and the truth behind it explained below that everyone should know.

  • Muscles become sore when we do an activity which is new to your body and cringes you down when someone touches your muscles some people have spread a myth about it that when your muscles become sore then your workout is effective. There is nothing like this. The truth is that the soreness of muscles has micro traumatic effect on the muscle fibers.

  • Stretching without any doubt help you out in decreasing the risk of injuries and only enables the muscles to work effectively and there is nothing to do with the soreness of muscles, if you want to treat your sore muscles then you better massage it and keep moving that particular portion of the body.

  • Some people may advice you that one should work out for hours to get rid of fat and excess weight more rapidly but the truth is far away than this according to experts there are some specific exercises that might help you in reducing excess weight and fat but the number hours does not get counted in this .
    • We all want to slim our fat belly down and want to lose weight but that does not mean you have to work out daily as it could get injurious for your body muscles. It is important to take rest in between your workout schedule.

    • Power exercises are good for both men and women it helps in strengthening muscles and cutting off the excess fat down. some of us think that power muscles are not good for reducing belly fat but the truth is power exercises not only reduces belly fat but it works on side fat too and gives you perfect shaped and slim belly .

    • When you are to lose weight the only thing that matters it your diet the more you eat green leafy vegetables the more will lose weight. Even when you are on heavy workout schedule do not think that you can eat anything, you should pay more attention.

    • Neoprene is a family of synthetic fiber which maintains stability and flexibility but it has nothing to do with your calories and fat. Neoprene is made up of several compounds that can promote ozone action and it has some harmful affect on body.

  • Everyone has different body which can vary in shape, size and strength and workout should schedule should be based individually and not in groups as then it can have adverse effects on the body and you won’t be able to achieve the desired body.
    • Whenever we want to know how much we weigh than we go for weighing machine but the thing is weighing machine reveals the weight which includes the weight of our bone whereas measuring tapes are more accurate.

    • When we workout for losing weight, we think that we lose weight on some specific area but the truth is when we workout most of the time it help us out to cut off fat from the unexpected parts of the body.
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