10 Interesting Abbreviations We Use Every Day Without Really Knowing What They Stand For

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We use abbreviated words and phrases to save our precious time and efforts and also to explain the longer meaning in a shortened form. There are many abbreviations that we use in our daily life like “YOLO”,”BYE” and many more. The meaning of these kinds of abbreviations is pretty understandable but what they really stand for is unknown. Here are some of the abbreviations that we use regularly but we don’t know the real reason behind using these abbreviations.

Check my DP bruh!

We have seen people using this abbreviation DP to indicate their profile pictures on the social media like twitter and Facebook but in actual many of the people don’t know that DP stands for display picture (meaning limited only for social media). Today people are getting used to this word DP.


When you comment ROFL, but you are sad inside!


Internet user coin internet slang to save their time but most of the writer does not realize that what this really means. “ROFL” stands for “rolling on the floor laughing “this abbreviation is commonly used by people when there is something very funny.

When the boss gives every detail in P.S

Here we are talking about P.S. which stands for post script, from the Latin post scriptum meaning “written after”. Normally it is used in letters when we forget to write something in the letter than we use P.S after the whole body of the letter is completed.


Well, I always prefer 24-hour format.


There are 24 hours in a day and many of us use 24 hours format but many use 12 hours format for their convenience and use “AM ” and “PM” according to the time of the day but the real meaning of AM and PM go unnoticed. AM stands for ante merediem and PM stands for post merediem which means before noon and after noon respectively.

YOLO, bro!

“yolo” is a teen slang craze which can be seen normally ,which stands for you -only-live -once. It implies that no matter what one should enjoy his/ her life because this life that you are wasting over stress is not going to return again.


I never knew this because I am a fan of Audi.


Everyone loves BMW and some of also has a dream to buy this luxurious car but people generally don’t go for what it really means and what BMW stands for. BMW stands for Bayerische Motoren Werke or Bavarian Motor Works when translated into English.

Fun fact: It is pronounced as J-PEG, not J, P, E, G. (I am not sure if you got this)


Some people may say it j-peg and some separate the words (not sure about it) JPEG stands for joint photographic experts group and normally used to compress still pictures or say images.


BYE, I hope, I’ll never see you again, JK.


This word has various meanings but normally we use it in our daily life while imparting or while leaving for some time. Some people hate the word bye and they do not want to hear it as they do not know the real meaning behind this word. Bye stands for “BE WITH YOU EVERYTIME”.

I am identified.

We all have SIM in our cell phones and know that it is one of the most common ways to connect to people but how many of you that what SIM stands for. These words are so common that every time the real meaning behinds these abbreviation so unnoticed every single time. SIM stands for subscriber’s identification module.

I ‘SEE’ You!

The sentence “I see you “and “ICU” may sound similar to you but they both carry very different meanings. ICU- stands for intensive care unit where people are kept when there is an emergency case.

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