Warning: If You Shake Your Baby To Pacify Her/Him, Stop Right Away!

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With babies there are many responsibilities that an individual have to fulfill, it may be a job that will make you feel tired but there’s no need to be frenzy about it as if you do something in irritation like when baby cries you shake them to make them sleep but you never realize that when you shake them for pacifying it makes them more irritated as shaking them affects their brain which in some condition is severe. Here are some information about disadvantages of the methods that you are still using to make your baby sleep and advantages of the methods that you should use in real.

This pictorial representation conveys that no baby, of any age, must be shaken.


everyone knows that babies are 1000 times fragile than anybody because their bones and organs have not become hard as a grown up that is why they should be handled with proper care and in proper manner.

Even older children are at risk of damage due to shaking

It is advised not to shake a baby no matter what because this affect the working of brain and the movement of the baby can lead to internal bleeding which can turn into serious health condition and in severe cases it may result in death. Not only infants but babies of particular ages should never be shook as it will affect them in the same way as it affects and infant.


To soothe a crying baby,


shaking is not the only way to soothe your baby .if he cries then to make him calm hug him and rub his back slowly and if you want to you can  sing a lullaby, this will surely bring you success without harming the baby’s health.


Many-a-times, repeated motion disturbs the baby, making it cry

To soothe your baby you can also try few more methods making a baby walk on strollers can make him happy and calm. Nothing is better than a car ride and rhythmic motions can also help you out and make him sleep easily.


Babies also get pacified by sucking.


Babies do not notice anything when they are busy in their own; nothing plays it good as breast feeding. Sometimes baby cry because they are hungry and these kinds of cries are hard to understand, so give breastfeeding a try.

What happens when you shake a baby?

When there is harsh and sudden movement in the body, it is possible that baby’s brain can get damaged and internal bleeding may occur as shaking could rupture nerves and blood vessels.


Soon, this bleeding may travel to the eyes, too, leading to blindness.

when nerves and blood vessels get damaged internal bleeding occur but this bleeding in severe cases do not stop to the brain it moves towards the eyes which can lead to permanent blindness.

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