10 Last-Minute Labor Day Ideas For College Students

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It’s back to school season!

If you’re a college student, odds are you’re already back on campus, getting organized before classes officially start. But just because you’re in the “scholarly” mindset doesn’t mean you shouldn’t also be thinking about fun. Labor Day is right around the corner and just because you’re staying on campus doesn’t mean there aren’t a ton of things for you and your friends can do. Here are a few ideas:

Hit The Road

I’m sure there’s a nearby town by your campus. Go explore it! There’s nothing like a little road trip to see the sights. The only way to really get to know a place is to visit every single part of it. There’s a good chance you might find a town that inspires you and keeps you coming back every now and again. And if not, well…at least you’ll get some good Instagram pictures out of it ;).

Do Your Favorite Summer Activity

What is Labor Day? It’s a day to celebrate the fallen US Army and Marshalls that fought for our country. This holiday symbolizes a lot. It also symbolizes the end of summer — which is why you should spend it celebrating one of your FAVORITE summer activities. Whatever that might be! Do something you won’t be able to do once the weather gets cool. Go swimming, have a barbeque, actually spend time outside before the snow hits! It’s completely up to you.

Go On A Staycation

You don’t necessarily have to stay on campus — you can explore your college town during the holiday weekend! Grab your roomie, a few other friends, and book a staycation. I recommend checking Airbnb for the cheapest housing options. Hotels might be expensive; especially for your college budget. Invite a handful of friends so you can all split the Airbnb equally, and also get to know each other. The more the merrier!

Decorate Your Space

There’s nothing like getting the creative juices flowing! If you’re looking for something a little low key to do this Labor Day weekend, why not spend it decorating your dorm room or apartment? You’ll be able to really put a lot of focus on what you want your space to look like, since you won’t have classes or parents bothering you, during the long weekend. Plus, since a lot of other students will be gone you’ll be able to avoid all those crowded lines at Target!

Spend A Day At The Beach

Is there a beach nearby? Go there! Grab some beach chairs, a cooler with snacks and drinks, and put on your swimsuit. Oh, and I guess you can bring friends with you. Or you can go solo and spend the day lounging on the beach with a good book.

Or, Your Local Park

Not all students have the luxury of being close to the beach or any body of water for that matter. But you don’t need the ocean and sand to spend the day barbequing outside and playing volleyball. You can do that at your local park. You can even wear your bathing suit and sunbathe if that’ll make you feel more tropical.

Check Your College Website For Something To Do

One of the many great things about college is that you’re always surrounded by a ton of people! So, there’s pretty much always something going on. Student government hosts activities all the time for students and so do RA’s (resident assistants at dorms). I bet if you ask around or check your college website you’ll find something that sparks your interest.

Host A Game Night

This is a great option regardless of if you live in a dorm room or have your own apartment! Hosting a game night during Labor Day weekend is a great way to have fun, save money, and get to know the people in your building. You can invite your neighbors over, ask them to bring their favorite board game, and spend the night taking a walk down nostalgia lane playing Uno and Twister.

Spend Time In The Great Outdoors

The weather is usually perfect during Labor Day weekend. Take advantage of that by spending some time outdoors camping. Depending on where you’re located, you might have to drive an hour or so to find a camping ground but it’ll be worth it. You and your friends can spend a few nights connecting with nature; barbequing, swimming in the lake, and just enjoy uninterrupted time together.

Visit Mom & Dad

A solid option! Who cares if you’ve only been back on campus for a few days, you can still go home and spend the weekend with your family. There’s nothing wrong with that! Your parents most definitely miss you and your childhood friends might be home that weekend, too. Plus, if you left any clothes or miscellaneous items with your parents you can collect the rest of your belongings. Sounds like a win to me!