What Color Manicure Should You Get According To Your Zodiac Sign

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Sometimes it’s hard to chose the right manicure. With so many new and bold styles showing up all over social media and by influencers, it’s become almost impossible to pick the right color when you walk into that salon. What better way to chose a polish than listening to the stars? Read more to find out what color manicure you should get according to your Zodiac Sign.

  1. ARIES

Aries, being represented by the Ram, are bold and fiery beings. They have a presence that makes a statement from across the room. In order to match that prideful and unstoppable ora, the only color that suits an Aries is red. In your striking new mani, your strength is prominent and impactful. Talk about an eye-catching show stopper. Something only an Aries could pull off.


2. Taurus

Taurus women are pretty down-to-earth. They are grounded and have a strong sense of stability. Their earthy energy can only be match by the beauty of an olive green manicure. The shade of green that follows the color pallet of a blooming gardens express the Spring season that the Taurus falls into. Some of their favorite things include the outdoors and beautiful mountain landscapes. Their easy going personality looks great with a manicure as earthy as they are.


3. Gemini

The most versatile and vibrant horoscope sign. These women are a group to be reckoned with. Their sparkling energy brings light to any situation and to any group of people they surround themselves with. They are social butterflies, or should I say owls? Having this trait can make this bunch a bit of a gossipy crowd. What can they say? They love to dish the juicy secrets. This sign also craves “twin flame” and kindred spirit energy, and is always up for an intellectual meeting of the minds. Between the juicy and the flames, we’re giving the ultimate Gemini girl a flame orange for her mani, pedi. Are you up for the challenge?


4. Cancer

The natural nurturer. Cancer energy helps make connections and stay close to our roots. Cancers like comfort and stability and find pleasure in a safe haven and familiar settings. These women are feminine and beautiful but don’t like to draw attention to themselves. They are soft beings and take pride in their natural self. This is why a Cancer should embrace a white manicure. It brings light to the bright personality she is but is also discrete to remain on her comfort level.


5. Leo

As authentic as we can get, the Leo shines bright. They thrive being in the middle of it all. A true star was born in the time of the Leo. Any attention is good attention with this powerful woman. In order to make her truly stand out like the extravagant woman she is, golden hues and yellow polish will rock this mani out of the park. The winner takes the gold, and with a Leo you should expect nothing less than perfection.


6. Virgo

The Virgo Woman hates the limelight, and likes to be discrete. She is a very reserved person, which is why a darker color would work best for the Virgo woman. She is also represented by the earth, so muted and earthy tones are what the stars have in store for her manicure. They are supportive and organized and will help others in need or when they need advice. Another way for them to stay out of the attention and in their own comfort corner. A brown manicure is everything a Virgo needs to feel content and at peace. Dark enough to not stand out but bold enough to make her feel confident. The warmer the better with a Virgo woman!


7. Libra

A balanced woman at heart. She is loved by her friends and yearns for a family with children one day. Her sign is represented by air. A breezy girl with a breezy spirit. She is charming and lovable and a hopeless romantic. Her gentle soul needs a subtle but adorable manicure to match her style. A perfect and light pink would be the way to a Libra’s heart. She brings the perfect balance of sweet and caring like the color white and romantic and passionate like the color red. She values commitment and loyalty, which is why a light pink embodies the Libra spirit.


8. Scorpio

The scorpio woman makes a bold statement. She gets what she wants… or she is not happy. A sexy and powerful woman needs a manicure to match her soul. A matte or shiny black represents the intimacy and secrecy of a Scorpio woman. She can also be one of the most misunderstood signs. She feels immensely and cares for other people. She wants to listen to your needs and lets others express their emotions and in turn feels she needs to hide her own. She won’t express what she’s feeling unless it’s been boiled up insider her for too long. A sexy black mani perfectly embodies the Scorpio woman and she should feel damn good as she flaunts it.


9. Sagittarius

An honest woman deserves a manicure that represents her truthfulness. Light blue historically translates honesty. She loves and yearns to travel and see the world, a true wonderlust at heart.  The blue color not only represents her truth but also pays tribute to her adventurous soul. She is a determined woman looking to find the meaning of her existence.  Along the way she loves to stop at stare at the stars and appreciate the beauty that is our planet. She spends her time taking leaps of faith and trusting her gut. A light blue is perfectly fitting to a Sagittarius ora.


10. Capricorn

A Capricorn follows their path, whether that be through life or on an adventure. They are strong willed women and enjoy taking the simplest and easiest way through their journey. They don’t leave any grey area for interpretation, they mean what they say. This is why we’re going with a subtle gray manicure for the Capricorn woman. She tends to hide her emotions and likes to keep drama out of the picture. However, she does need affection and wants to be needed. She is a dominate woman and likes to make the decisions. A gray color represents a strong as stone woman who loves who knows what she wants.

11. Aquarius

The Aquarius woman doesn’t like to show emotion and can be a little difficult at times. They love their independence and are strong minded individuals. However, on a good day, they are also very friendly women who thrive off teamwork. They focus on the future. Their style can be a little edgy and futuristic. This is why we want to see our Aquarius women in a deep purple manicure. The bold color and sexy tones give the feel of extraterrestrial beauty. She has a rebellious nature and loves a challenge. She is stimulated by conversations without boundaries. No matter the topic, an Aquarius woman will go there with you.


12. Pisces

The Pisces woman can be thought of as a lost mermaid on earth. She is an extraordinary dreamer and is a very emotional person. She keeps an open mind but also has her sensitive moments. Her sign is water and oozes compassion. Her flowing spirit calls for a beautiful teal manicure. Dreams, fantasy and mystery are all terms that stimulate the mind of a Pisces. You’ll find her swimming through life, searching for more and more to take in. She appreciates the world and is empathetic of everyone. Her kind and dream-like ora is perfectly suited with a teal polish to represent her wildest fantasies.