10 Piercing Chart You Wish You Knew About

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People have been modifying there body looks for variety of reasons and one of their way to modify their looks is piercing. According to people piercing is worth for expressing their body art and will help them in standing out in the crowd. Some may take it as the asset to enhance their beauty while some want piercing to reveal a different shade of their personality. Generally we have seen people with helix ear piercing, industrial ear piercing  , nose piercing and septum piercing but there are few more types of piercing about which people have no idea that exists. Here are few charts on particular piercing which would provide you some help if you want to try any kind of piercing.


 1. if you are thinking for facial piercing consider your options

Facial piercing does not mean only eyebrow piercing and lip piercing. There is few more piercing that an individual can consider for instance bridge piercing that is present near the inner corner of the eyebrows and on the bridge of nose and septum piercing is done at the most delicate part of the nostrils and it also takes time to heal.

2. Note how painful your piercing might be

Piercing may add up a bad ass look in your  personality but one should keep few things in mind that not all the body parts are same, at some places like one of your facial feature your eyebrows piercing is less painful whereas piercing on your septum and nipple can make you scream . Not everyone’s body is same if a person doesn’t feel much

Pain near septum that doesn’t mean you also can bear that pain so before trying these kinds of piercing once think about the pain too.

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