4 Types of Tummy That Aren’t Caused by Excess Weight

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Everybody wants to have a perfect body shape but achieving such body is not easy. The main problem from which we mainly suffer is belly. Belly doesn’t have a good impression on others. It’s just embarrassing in the world of health and fitness. If you are struggling with the size of your belly even if you are giving your best efforts then you just simply need to know these types of tummies that aren’t caused due to excess weight.

“Love handles”

Distinguishing feature:

  • It looks like there is a “Cushions“on your sides.


  • It can be caused due to Inactive lifestyle
  • It can be caused due to Sweet tooth
  • Consumption of excess of alcohol
  • Consumption of large amount of sugar and carbs such as cookies, cakes, and white bread or starchy carbs like pasta and rice in your diet.

How to get rid of it:

  1. Drink less alcohol. Excess consumption of alcohol may leads to gathering of fat at waist which results in tummy. Avoid drinking alcohol for almost 10-15 days with patience and then notice the change. The result will definitely satisfy you.
  2. Rethink your diet. You can get rid of your tummy by simply avoiding the dietary and low fat foods, Instead you can go for high protein foods such as eggs, lean meat, and vegetables as well as good fats such as avocado, nuts and high-fat fish.
  3. Find time for exercise. Exercise has wide range of health and fitness benefits and it is for people of all ages. If don’t want to work hard then you can simply do long walks accompanied with lunges, squats, and reverse push-ups at home.

Special instructions:

Physical exercise and proper diet are enough. These both are very effective and very much beneficial in reducing your belly size. It also provides the strength and a perfect body shape which is very good for your personality.

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