10 Tips For Becoming A Successful Travel Influencer

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Where do you go when you want travel inspiration? Instagram, duh. Thanks to influencers, this app has become the go-to place to see white sand, blue skies, and aesthetically pleasing pictures. And while you probably love spending hours on your favorite influencers feed, you might also be wondering, “How can I do that?” Becoming a travel influencer isn’t easy, but it’s not incredibly hard either.

Here are 10 tips to help you become the travel influencer of your dreams:

Gain Travel Experience

Before you become a travel influencer, you actually need travel experience. Don’t worry, though. You can start gaining experience now!

It’s important to know how to travel. Whether that’s how to budget, find the cheapest flights, or the most delicious restaurants. You want to be a credible source for your followers and for that, you have to know what you’re talking about. Go ahead and book your flight or hop in your car this weekend. Remember: “Travelling” doesn’t have to mean going to Europe, you can travel an hour from your home and still have pictures to post and experience to gain.

Explore Your Own City

As we said, you can travel anywhere. It doesn’t have to be somewhere far and expensive. There are photo opportunities everywhere — even in your own town. Have you really taken the time to explore where you live?

Sure, you have your favorite spots but there are probably 100’s of other spots you know nothing about. Do some research and see what’s out there!

Become A Photographer

You don’t have to have a degree in photography, but taking a gorgeous photo isn’t as easy as you might think. That’s why photographers exist, after all. They know how to focus their camera, experiment with different lighting, colors, and so on.

Consider taking a photography class or researching some tips online.

Figure Out Your “Thing”

What kind of travel influencer do you want to be? The one who posts pictures of scenic locations, shares images of hidden gems, or the one who wants to showcase their style while jet-setting? It honestly doesn’t matter what your thing is. It just makes it easier for you to know who your audience is, and therefore, how to target them.

Make Sure You’re Doing Fun Things

While it’s up to you what you want your followers to see, EVERYONE wants to be entertained. Don’t just take pictures of yourself in and out of different Airbnb’s. Explore the place you’re at and document it.

Show your followers where the locals hang out and go on as many excursions as you can. Take a walk, take a hike, swim in the ocean — do something. You can still find fun things to do, even if your budget is on the lower side.

Be Smart

We hate to admit it, but in order to be a successful influencer, you need followers…a lot of them. That’s not simple. You’re not a celebrity (yet) so you’re going to have to rely on strategy.

Know when to post in order to get “likes” and understand what hashtags work for drawing people to your site.

Know The Importance Of Consistency

Not only is it important to be consistent about when/how much you post, but you also need to make sure you’re pictures are on the mark. Most people are drawn to consistency in photos. That consistency could come from using the same filter or having a certain caption style. It’s up to you, but it’s important for your feed to directly relate to you.

The goal is for people to see a picture and know it’s from your account!

Consider Having A Separate Account

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with having two Instagram accounts! In fact, it might make having an aesthetically appealing feed a little easier. Have a personal account and then have one for your travel pictures so you can better stay on message.

The only downfall with creating a new account is that you’ll have to start at the beginning when it comes to followers.

Do It For The Right Reasons

Being a successful travel influencer is kind of a full-time job; especially if you become popular and people actually start paying you to travel. If you hate traveling, you probably shouldn’t get into this. You want to be passionate about what you share with people.

Make sure you’re taking on this endeavor because you love it and not just because you’re bored and want more followers on Instagram.

Have Fun Along The Way

Don’t do anything just for the “likes” or for the followers. That’s no way to live! Do activities and go places you’re actually interested in. The point of being a travel influencer is to have fun doing what you love — traveling.

We know it’s important to give your followers what they want to see, but make sure you’re having fun too, and never post or do anything that makes you uncomfortable!