13 Health Problems the Moons on Your Nails Warn You About

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Mostly everyone has moons on their nails which are also called lunulae. These lunulae are most going unnoticed as these are one of the most common things present in one’s body. But did you know that these moons reveal all the health secrets of our body? Your nails have the ability to reveal the history of recent health and psychological problems and changes taking place in your body. Here are some natural methods to know about your present health conditions with the help of lunulae or moons present on nails.

 When a lunula changes on one finger

in general lunulae is the white present shaped area on the fingernail which takes one-fifth of the area of the fingernail and reveals all our health secret. The change in lunulae on fingernails sometimes indicates the health problem from which on suffering.

  • Lunulae on the little finger: lunulae on the little finger provides information about your digestive system. It indicates that the circulation process is taking overtime which includes kidney, small intestine, and heart. Sometimes increased lunulae on little finger indicate high blood pressure.

  • The ring finger: a lunula on your ring finger reflects your reproductive system and hormonal balance. Women who have lunula on the ring finger generally suffer from hormonal imbalance and irregular menstruation cycle.

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