You Will Never Again Throw Away Onion Peels After Reading This

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Most of the people being unaware of the health benefits throw away the onion peel instead of keeping them for health purposes. It is used in many medicines to take proper care of the skin and maintain the glow of the skin. Not only for outer health purposes onion peels can be used for inner health have purposes as it reduces excessed cholesterol. Here is some of the health benefits of onion peel described briefly.

It is anti – inflammatory

Due to onion peels health benefits it can be used on rashes, bruises and wounds. But onion peel should be soaked in water overnight and that water should be used on rashes and wounds

It keeps flies away


If you are one of them who hates flies and mosquitoes then you can use onion peels to keep them away .just soak them for overnight and keep this water outside – on front of your doors the strong smell of onion will repel the flies and mosquitoes.

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