Pour Baking Soda on a Mattress and See What Happens

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Everyone knows about baking soda but many of us think that it can only be used in food products but there are also some benefits of baking soda that will surely surprise you. Baking soda can be used for different purposes like cleaning mattresses, furniture, and carpet. Baking soda is one of those products which can help us in cleaning our house without causing any harm to our health and is easily available in any store.


mattress can be cleaned using baking soda just sprinkle a whole box of baking soda(you can also add some essential oils) on the mattress and if you want deep cleaning you can also rub it on the mattress. The benefit of baking soda used on the mattress is that baking soda removes odor, draws out dirt and moisture. After sprinkling baking soda let it stays for at least 1-2 hours and then vacuums it carefully.


Carpet and soft furniture


if you want to clean your carpet or soft furniture using baking soda then directly sprinkle it all over the carpet and soft furniture but if you want deep cleansing then add some dry carpet or furniture cleaner in it . Baking soda removes tough odor and stain from the carpet and soft furniture. Let the baking soda stay on the carpet and soft furniture for at least 1 hour and then vacuum it carefully.


  • If you want better results you can also add some vinegar in it.
  • The results would be comparatively better if you let the baking soda stay for the whole day.

The benefits of baking soda

  • a power house of cleansing products/ natural cleaner
  • non toxic
  • deodorize funky smells
  • low cost / affordable price
  • easily available
  • Prevent and kill harmful micro organisms.
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