15 Illustrations Revealing The Dark Reality Of Today’s Society

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With advancement in technology and social media, it has been very comfortable and easy for people to express their feelings and concerns. However, some people tend to find a negative part much faster and prefer creating nuisance rather than using internet for a positive purpose. Some people have spread their evil like trickery and sexual harassment on the online platform.

Their is a mask behind every face and every concern that people show on social platforms. Describing this hypocrisy is not everyone’s cup of tea. But then there is Marco Melgrati , who beautifully portrayed the dual sided face of the society in his illustrations.

1. When disease overpowers money

2. Where love is money and money is love

3. Useless hashtags and likes

4. Hidden feelings never comes forward

5. Ego is bigger than the person

6. Truth is covered, forcefully

7. Some day, this is going to be an entertaining zoo

8. Facts turned to questions

9. Love or illusion

10. Expectations

11. He may not be what he looks- A gentleman or a sexual predator

12. Real touch is rare

13. Will that make you mature

14. Become one of your enemies to fool your enemies

15. Growth or devils tail

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